!!! Massive congrats to all the talented Actors who were cast !!!

(we received over 120 applications!)

‘Passengers or what ever happened to Icarus’ by Daniel Julian Starring: Gemma Leader, Meg Lake, Daniel Julian, Fan Xenofos ‘Until My Tears Turn Stones’ by Héloïse Thual Starring: Elizabeth Uter ‘The Other Side’ by Christopher Moore Starring: Ben Scarles, Derek Murphy, Alex Dowding ‘Io Restored’ by Christian Simonsen Starring: Meg Lake, Velenzia Spearpoint, Helen Jessica Liggat, Anne-Sophie Marie, Matthew Wade, Derek Murphy, Paul C. Rogers ‘The Riddle Pond’ by Michael Lluberes (book & lyrics) and Jared Dembowski (music) Starring: Katherine Leyva, Vicente Carlos Luque, Ashley Rose Kaplan

Please, stay in touch for more info including headshots and biogs!

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