15th-20th May 2017, Bread and Roses Theatre

Directed and produced by Kasia Różycki


London's first ever festival of visual & physical theatre inspired by Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'! The program consisted of 5 fantastical, multi-layered and poignant plays - stories of love (often unrequited), the power of arts, loss, the interactions of gods and mortals, consequences of hubris and, most of all, transformation! This original show featuring elements of visual, physical, devised and experimental theatre as well as live music created a unique experience for the audience.


PROGRAMME: 'Passengers or what ever happened to Icarus' by Daniel Julian; 'Until My Tears Turn Stones' by Héloïse Thual; ‘Io Restored’ by Christian Simonsen; 'The Other Side’ by Christopher Moore; ‘The Riddle Pond’ by Michael Lluberes (book & lyrics) and Jared Dembowski (music)

Starring: Gemma Leader, Meg Lake, Daniel Julian, Fan Xenofós, Elizabeth Uter, Velenzia Spearpoint, Helen Jessica Liggat, Anne-Sophie Marie, Matthew Wade, Derek Murphy, Paul Christian Rogers, Ben Scarles, Alex Dowding, Katherine Leyva, Vicente C. Luque, Ashley Rose Kaplan. Movement Director for 'The Riddle Pond' - Roman Berry, Piano Accompanist - Tosia Pawlak.


-> 'Stunning conviction and energy from the entire cast. Metamorphoses is an inspired and wonderfully diverse collection of new works, sprinkled with moments of sheer brilliance.'

-> 'Off The Cliff Theatre’s Metamorphoses is inspired by the two-thousand year old epic poem of the same name (by Ovid), and reinterprets these characters in some very clever ways.'

-> 'It was a great mix of many different styles and themes – and demonstrated wonderful imagination in its responses to the stimulus.'

[Review by Frank McHugh:]


-> 'Based to various degrees on the original stories [by Ovid], Metamorphoses at Bread and Roses Theatre is comprised of five very different plays on the subject of change – all directed by Kasia Różycki, artistic director of Off The Cliff Theatre.'

-> 'This particular festival of visual and physical theatre at the Bread and Roses Theatre is different and distinctive from other themed new writing nights – a rare feat in itself, given the number of scratch nights and talent that London’s blessed with. Given the numerous ideas that ‘metamorphosis’ conjures, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be subsequent festivals based on this theme.'

[****Review by Michael Davis:]

-> 'There are five short pieces in the programme, a monologue, three plays and a musical, each by a different author and with a different cast; sixteen actors in total making, I am told, for a crowded dressing room! Each piece explores one of Ovid’s stories – Prometheus, Narcissus, Icarus etc. – in a contemporary context. Working on what was literally a shoestring budget, director and cast have put together a show which has energy, humour, insight and engagement. It made for a most enjoyable with.

Onwards and upwards, Kasia and team.'

[Article by James Hall:]

Audience feedback on social media:

-> 'Five beautifully contrasting pieces of theatre expertly put together by the amazing Kasia Różycki at the Bread & Roses in Clapham. '

-> 'Big congrats to all involved in making the #Metamorphoses; amazing work, had a great time enjoying the plays! @Off_the_Cliff_@Kasia_Rozycki'

-> 'Fantastic innovative theatre last night from @Off_the_Cliff_ with their Metamorphosis @BreadandRosesTC Well done to everyone involved.'

-> 'So enjoyed 5 thought provoking pieces at #MetamorphosesFestival tonight! Great work once again Kasia! Fab work  #TheRiddlePond Team! Keep flying!!! 

-> 'Just back from #MetamorphosesFestival @BreadandRosesTC by @Kasia_Rozycki & @Off_the_Cliff_ Last show tomorrow, catch it when you still can!🎭 I enjoyed it very much! Congratulations and hope to see more of your productions soon!'

-> 'Kasia Różycki, so glad I got to see Metamorphoses tonight - I really enjoyed the show. Congratulation on directing and producing 5 very different pieces with some great performances. Well done to everyone, including Roman Berry, movement director for one of the pieces.